Another Dark-mech Dunecrawler!

Since the first one was such a roaring success, I decided to build it a brother!

Nothing much to say on construction, it’s pretty nigh identically built.
I had to buy a bunch more stuff to do it, but I’m not the slightest bit regretting the decision 😛
Bonus points: I get a new Deathstrike to pair with the first one!

I’ll figure out what to do with two helldrakes worth of wing and head parts later.
Maybe some terrain pieces…


DSCN1101 DSCN1102

the new one is the one on the left with the silvery base rim.

As far as painting went: I didn’t quite manage to keep the smoothness on the plates. I think that was my primary mistake, the result looks like it has too much paint on it.
I added too much typhus corrosion to the model and it gave it a grainy effect all over.
Should of just done it on the exposed workings and left the plates alone.
Ah well, live and learn, maybe if I make another I’ll remember this 😛

I’m thinking I need a warpsmith to go with these guys 🙂

4 thoughts on “Another Dark-mech Dunecrawler!

  1. Teselación

    That corrosion works wonders to “nurglify” panels, though… They look awesome, btw! Those eyes/lights could use some love, maybe? If they had organic/demonic eyes painted on they would rock, I think…


    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      Funnily enough, I was thinking something similar, that I should paint the really big optic package on the front as a daemonic eye…

      might do something like that on any other chaos models I make 😛

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    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      Sure thing

      The chassis is a heldrake body, namely the two chest pieces and two shoulder plates that fit on top.

      The legs are dunecrawler legs, fairly obviously.
      I glued them straight onto the chassis, it’s not a very structurally sound join, but lots of plastic glue and determination and it stuck just fine. I socketed them on the indentations for the “arms” of the heldrake

      The front-face is a necron triarch stalker optics-package, with a pair of heavy bolters and two claw-arms from dunecrawler kits (or similarly sized mechanical gribblies will do)

      The top ridge is off a Manticore missile carrier, just the launcher guidance bit (from between the pairs of missiles)

      The turret is the cannon off the Triarch Stalker, married to a Dunecrawler’s Neutron Laser. They fit surprisingly well together without modification.
      I sat the gun on some random bits I had to build it up, then covered it in green-stuff piping (I used a pipe-roller to make the tubing) and added a couple lights off the dunecrawler for detailing.

      That’s about it.

      The paintjob is centered around using typhus corrosion for texture, I think it lends it a lot of extra gribble.



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