New Cult Mechanicus!

Oof. Games Workshop saw me buy a reaver and said “That guy!. He’s our audience. lets make everything he can afford and drip feed it to him for a couple months until he’s broke, tired and happy.”
First they hit me with Skitarii in seven different delicious flavours that I was powerless to resist…

Now they’re releasing Cult Mechanicus stuff.
A plastic Techpriest!
Tracked weapon servitors!
Electropriests (in two different flavours!)
and in an odd move, the biggest is first.

The Kastelan (with a K, because of Koolness Faktor) Battle Automata.
Distinct from the Forgeworld Castellax mostly by dint of slavishly following the design of the original Rogue Trader Castellan.
Frankly I think it looks adorable. That bullet-head with the Butt-face. The bobbly 50s era robot design is great!
I’m not totally sold on the weapons though.
The carapace weapon is on a mounting straight out of rogue trader. it looks far too under-engineered to mount the gun safely.
So for my Kastelans I will take out that green-stuff pipe-maker and build up the mountings with cable trunking and fuel hoses.
I may also move the ammunition storage for the guns down to the waist or at least backpack. seems weird having them exposed and just…hanging there on the side of the gun. at least have them underneath the center-line to reduce structural stresses!

The other weapons are replacements to the power fists, a pair of heavy Phosphor cannons (counts as one twin linked weapon) which jutt oddly from the ends of the arms.
I have Visions of this thing moving around with arms horizontal, spraying everything with burning jets of white phosphor. I think for mine I’ll paint the areas near the gun with white dry-paint to suggest residue from the guns

Rules-wise (white dwarf of course) they’re pretty hardcore. The base weapons loadout is two power fists and a flamer with the Torrent rule.
I am totally okay with this flamer.
More than okay. I may be rubbing my hands, there may be some glee involved.
Other armaments are a Heavy Phosphor Cannon (pretty much exactly the same rules as a Mauler Bolt cannon with the addition of the -1 cover that the Enhanced Targeting Module upgrade on the Castellax provides.
It’s not as accurate with it, but that’s okay.
because you can swap out both power fists for a twin linked version of the same gun. This means that you can fire 3 shots, re-roll misses. then fire another 3 shots that aren’t re-rolled…
with the stats of a mauler bolt cannon.
You want to woodchip space marines? A six bot unit of these guys with three datasmiths will run you easily 1000 points with upgrades. But I would so delight in doing this…XD
They’re not as durable as the Castellax, but they pump out twice as many shots and reroll half of them with the right upgrades.
That’s worth it.
And if you don’t want to spend 90 points on upgrades for the six bots. their standard armament lets them stroll up to tanks and tear them apart, or pour enough torrent fire onto a unit to reduce any blob of units to..well..blobs of tallow.

I have my first box of them in the mail. I think I’ll like them 🙂

I also have a Warp-Smith on order in the same package. so my Dark Mechanicum constructs will have some company soon!

In actual hobby news..

I have been constructing the Tech Thralls I originally bought during the week Skitarii were announced.
I had no idea Skitarii were coming and shelled out for a Knight Castigator and a box of Tech Thralls…
Neither had any work done on them for a few weeks!

In any case. Here is my completed demi-Maniple of Thralls.


The keen eyed may note that the bases look bigger than usual.
A friend repaid me with some 32mm bases for an unspecified debt (I’m a generous soul!) and I decided to put my tech thralls on them.
Only one thrall is on a 25mm base, the one I managed to get painted before skitarii monopolised my time and resources, I think I may investigate those after-market base extenders and see if I can bring him up to scale with the others.
I like the size of base. it takes the already quite chunky model (photos don’t quite do justice to the models!) and gives it a sense of volume bigger than it is. They feel much nicer to handle on the bigger bases. More room for scenic stuff too, though I didn’t do that in this case.
I think I need to start carrying my basing kit with all the gravel and gribblies in my paintbox with the rest of the hobby gear, just so I don’t leave bases featureless like this in future.

I think I’m going to need to buy another box of these to round out the squad (or allow me to make two smaller units!)
My recent Heresy era game (Iron Warriors and admech vs Eldar, 2000 points a side, 2v1) demonstrated I need the ability to hold objectives securely. Thallaxii are not intended to sit on objectives. they should be bounding forward to strike with their short ranged armaments.
Tech Thralls are going to do that job nicely. their carapace armour and FnP rolls will make them robust enough to be hard to shift once they get into cover.

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