Necromunda Vehicle Rules V3

Following on from my rewrite of the Adeptus Mechanicus ruleset I wrote for necromunda, I’ve spent a couple evenings reformatting my Vehicle ruleset in a similar fashion!

Hopefully I’ve streamlined it suitably.

To recap the premise:

I’ve made Vehicles as an interactive battlefield object rather than a unit in its own right. A gang can find or purchase a basic chassis and then upgrade it over the course of a campaign with improved weapons and wargear.

The Vehicles themselves are crewed by Fighters, and if the controlling player chooses, those Fighters can dismount and fight on foot as normal, or other fighters can occupy passenger seats, operate pintle weaponry and generally crew the vehicle.

I also have a Component system, attackers can target and destroy individual parts such as wheels, engines and weaponry as well as sniping the crew off their seats.

Ultimately, an empty vehicle is up for grabs, and a canny foe might well kill the crew and take it for their own use.

The core rules are quite straightforward, detailing all the normal elements of a bike or attack buggy in the tunnels of necromunda.
However there are also Advanced rules, incorporating Walkers, Flyers and Cargo Storage mechanics.

There are Skills associated with vehicles too, such as ‘Ace’ which permits greater agility and ‘Gunner’, which removes some of the negative modifiers for shooting from a moving vehicle.

Have a look at the current version here:
Necromunda Vehicle Rules V3.2

Updated Link with 3.2 version

11 thoughts on “Necromunda Vehicle Rules V3

  1. castigatoruk

    I’m about to blow a hole in the side of the Underhive and explore the surrounding Ash Wastes, so these rules are just what I’ve been looking for. Great work buddy.
    We plan on using the vehicles from the Genestealer Cult range, so Bikes, Quad-Bikes, Ridge Runner and the Goliath Truck to start with. I’d be very interested on your take on the Goliath Truck.
    Once again great work, I’ll be sharing this post with few of my associates and I’ll add you to my blog roll 🙂


    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      I appreciate your enthusiasm!
      I have already written rules for the actual Ridgerunner here:

      The Goliath truck is a little more complex, it’s quite armoured, has an enclosed crew compartment as well as an open Rear area.
      I’ve been making subtle tweaks to the rules which might be relevant, namely that you can specify whether a particular crew slot is enclosed or not.
      Broadly just take the profile of the ridgerunner, slow it down, increase its hull stats and add a few appropriate traits and bigger guns.

      It should have a Driver, Turret gunner (for the autocannon mount), pintle top-hatch with a heavy stubber, and say…six passenger seats on the back and a couple passenger seats inside?

      For rules, I do have an Additional Weapons file which you could reference for some of the much heavier weapons like autocannons.

      Let me know how it goes!


      1. castigatoruk

        That’s great.
        When we begin to explore the Ash Wastes, I’ll write a report on my blog and add a link to your blog in the post.
        Which program have you designed the vehicle cards in? I know you have designed blank cards to write on but they always look better typed, so I’m wondering if there is a way to replicate them so that I can type in the information.

        P.S. I’m really enjoying reading your blog, it’s great to find one that focuses on ‘Munda and I hope you continue to offer more entertaining content.



  2. Gideon Caine

    Thank you for your work on this set of rules.
    My gaming group and I took a break from our usual Role play game to play Necromunda over the summer, we were all Newbies or at the very most, had played one game waaaaay back when it was first around.
    Early on I noticed the caravan mission scenario and said to the group how good it would be to have a massive vehicle fight using the caravan scenario but with all the gangs having vehicles…..sounded great ! but making a whole new rule set was just a very large work load that i was not up for (Necromunda was meant to be my “break” from being the GM for our Role play games) but then, I found your rule set !!
    So we went about making it a massive 6 way gang fight for our last battle for the campaign before we got our top dogs, not going to lie, it was an ordeal of epic proportions, but worth every moment of it.
    The battle lasted 8 hrs and was played across my kitchen/lounge room.
    if you are ever interested in seeing the pictures and some of the crazy vehicle designs we did using your rules, please let me know.
    Anyway, Thank you again for the effort you put into these rules and I highly recommend any one reading this to go give them a go !!!


  3. Gideon Caine

    Hello Ruadhan,
    so, i did mean to get back to you earlier than this, but a lot of sh*t has been happening in the world which has been a major distraction.

    We did have a really good day, we used the lego/papercraft mainly because many of the players do not have “official” GW vehicles at their disposal and the few of us that do didnt feel they really fitted “hive life” (rocking around in a Tau devilfish for example just didnt make much sense). It also allowed players to get a bit more creative in their vehicle designs.

    You did ask for some feed back on your rules, but to be honest, i felt they worked just fine. Although it could be said they were a little ‘clunky’, i dont think they are anymore clunky than the actual Necromunda rules themselves and everything felt like it was a natural extension on the base game.
    That said, we did generate a few house rules…. mainly applying costs to the basic vehicle building components so the players could go and build whatever they wanted whilst maintaining a consistent credit value regardless of how crazy a vehicle(s) they chose to make (and also so the arbitrator didnt have to guesstimate what each vehicle was worth).
    I used the credit costs on the vehicle trading post you created as a measuring stick and went with what i felt was appropriate for the various components, so no hard math or actual “balancing” was used, just alot of gut instinct. We intentionally made flight more expensive.
    We also added a few new skills/traits/upgrades (mainly for the flying and hover vehicles) and i went through the existing skills from necromunda and made some rulings as to how they work or change when inside a vehicle.

    A quick side note, we used your vehicle rules as a special battle at the end of the campaign but before the final battle between the “Top Dog gangs” of the campaign, the battle scenario we used was a modified version of the “Caravan scenario” from the main rule book. We also injected a lot of extra Reputation/Credit gains into the scenario so that even the Gangs that hadnt been doing so well during the campaign could have the chance to have an “under dog” upset on the leading gangs, otherwise there wouldnt be much reason for the losing gangs to take part in the vehicle battle.
    Lastly, because it was a special battle and the vehicles would not be used in any of the normal campaign battles, all the gangs were given a ‘free’ credit budget (much like when you first create your gang) of 3500 credits and we allowed all gang members to take the drive or pilot skill for free, any additional skills we only allowed the Leaders and Champions to take as per your rules.

    If you are interested in reading any of the changes we made or the special scenario we made, let me know and i will email them to you 🙂

    Once again, thank you for your work on this…. incidentally we also ended up using your Void War rule set for the top dog battle, just to make it a little more interesting for the players.



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