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Necromunda Vehicle Rules V3

Following on from my rewrite of the Adeptus Mechanicus ruleset I wrote for necromunda, I’ve spent a couple evenings reformatting my Vehicle ruleset in a similar fashion!

Hopefully I’ve streamlined it suitably.

To recap the premise:

I’ve made Vehicles as an interactive battlefield object rather than a unit in its own right. A gang can find or purchase a basic chassis and then upgrade it over the course of a campaign with improved weapons and wargear.

The Vehicles themselves are crewed by Fighters, and if the controlling player chooses, those Fighters can dismount and fight on foot as normal, or other fighters can occupy passenger seats, operate pintle weaponry and generally crew the vehicle.

I also have a Component system, attackers can target and destroy individual parts such as wheels, engines and weaponry as well as sniping the crew off their seats.

Ultimately, an empty vehicle is up for grabs, and a canny foe might well kill the crew and take it for their own use.

The core rules are quite straightforward, detailing all the normal elements of a bike or attack buggy in the tunnels of necromunda.
However there are also Advanced rules, incorporating Walkers, Flyers and Cargo Storage mechanics.

There are Skills associated with vehicles too, such as ‘Ace’ which permits greater agility and ‘Gunner’, which removes some of the negative modifiers for shooting from a moving vehicle.

Have a look at the current version here:
Necromunda Vehicle Rules V3


Necromunda Mechanicus Version 2

After two evenings of work, I’ve finished rewriting my Mechanicus ruleset for Necromunda!

I realised that when I first wrote it I formatted it more in the vein of 40k than Necromunda, writing specific profiles for unit-types rather than generic Leader, Champion, Juve and Gangers as is normal.

So this rewrite fixes that and ties in a lot of newer stuff like the Bionics rules, Brutes and Pets, Field Armour and so on.

Most of all, I’ve formatted the actual rules to match how they appear in the Gangs of the Underhive rulebook. It was always meant to be a serious attempt at a plugin for Necromunda, not just shoehorning in my beloved mechanicus.

Grab the PDF here!
Necromunda Mechanicus V2.0a


Whoa. A blog!

I kind of want a central place to document things I’m doing, so I’ve decided to start a blog.

Things to expect:

* Video game reviews
* Movie reviews

* Warhammer 40k projects
* Warhammer 40k Battle Reports

* Trips I might take.


We’ll see what I do with it, hopefully it won’t end up languishing like so many blogs do.

The first few posts I expect will be a general sharing of Stuff I’ve Done.
This will be image heavy, so fair warning.