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Another Dark-mech Dunecrawler!

Since the first one was such a roaring success, I decided to build it a brother!

Nothing much to say on construction, it’s pretty nigh identically built.
I had to buy a bunch more stuff to do it, but I’m not the slightest bit regretting the decision 😛
Bonus points: I get a new Deathstrike to pair with the first one!

I’ll figure out what to do with two helldrakes worth of wing and head parts later.
Maybe some terrain pieces…


DSCN1101 DSCN1102

the new one is the one on the left with the silvery base rim.

As far as painting went: I didn’t quite manage to keep the smoothness on the plates. I think that was my primary mistake, the result looks like it has too much paint on it.
I added too much typhus corrosion to the model and it gave it a grainy effect all over.
Should of just done it on the exposed workings and left the plates alone.
Ah well, live and learn, maybe if I make another I’ll remember this 😛

I’m thinking I need a warpsmith to go with these guys 🙂

Dark Mechanicum

With the release of so many new constructs, my poor mind has been dreadfully strained. so much work, so many new constructs and warriors to craft and prepare for war…

It was inevitable I’d crack really.
It was the Onager Dunecrawler’s legs that finally broke me of the chains of Mars
Dem Legs. They go all the way up.

And so, I worked long through the witching hour and created my first Daemon Engine.

Behold! The First of many warp-fueled monstrosities I shall craft in the name of the dark gods!

DSCN1092 DSCN1088 DSCN1090 DSCN1091

on the tabletop, it counts broadly as an Onager Dunecrawler with neutron laser and the servo-arm upgrade. depending on the opposition, WYSIWYG may apply and it actually gets to use the twin linked heavy bolter too 😛

I was delighted to discover that the gun assembly to the Particle Cannon/ Heat Ray of a necron triarch stalker actually fits -perfectly- to the neutron laser. there’s no chopping there, the tab literally fits in the hole correctly. tight enough it didn’t actually need glue to hold it in place…
So that’s going to be used again for future projects 😛

Necron Codex – 7th Ed

So, insane I may be, but on last-minute whim on friday I preordered the special edition version of the new Necron Codex!

Looking forward to it, I have a pretty substantial Necron force and it’s about time I got back to showing them some love 🙂

At any rate. back in November I wrote a 7 page document depicting my suggestions for 7th Ed rules for the new book.
Really just so I could compare it when the new rules came out.

Without further Ado, here it is: My 7th Ed Rules Upgrade doc for the Necrons.
Next Weekend I’ll write a comparison/review, see what I got right and wrong!

Download Link: Necron Rules upgrades

Imperial Assassins – Culexus and Callidus

I have a special place in my heart for the Assassinorium

Here, some of the coolest fluff in 40k can be found!
So, I picked up the Officio Assassinorium dataslate a couple months back and with a friend, we resolved to acquire all the assassins.

The problem: All the assassin models are about three or four editions of the game out of date. they’re all white-metal and they have that stocky cheese-factor that all warhammer did back then.
The dataslate describes creepy horror and we get grinning skullmasks and a pose that looks like a particularly painful exercise routine.

So I decided that Would Not Do.

With that in mind, I’m converting my way through all six Assassin houses.
Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor, Culexus, Venenum and Vanum.

I have the old Eversor in metal (the OOP one that’s holding a severed head in one hand for extra cheese)
And I converted my Venenum a long time ago using parts of a Culexus assassin. Mystery to me is what I did with his head…that could be useful if it turns up! But The venenum, cool as it turned out, is kinda vanilla still. particularly compared to my more recent conversions, so I’m going to redo it when I get that far.

The Culexus and Callidus, I’ve used parts from the Dark Eldar Scourge kit and some misc bitz from my bitz boxes to produce…Actually really quite cool IMHO models.

See for yourselves!

Titan Power Fist

I finally assembled and painted my Reaver’s Power Fist

DSCN1011 DSCN1012

I’d been putting it off with the vague plan to carve up the joints and build plasticard versions that I could make poseable.
The kit is poseable in whatever pose you like, however with the caveat that once you decide on one, you have to glue it in place.
As a test, I drilled out and pinned each of the thumb joints, that worked great, but the fingers have armour plates covering each knuckle which simply cannot be made flexible. the only way I could think to do it was to put a dollop of hotglue underneath each one and let it flex and bend that way…I wasn’t convinced it’d work or stay intact after lots of playing.

The second big problem was that all the major joints were basically a resin drum which butted up against a curved section of the next part. No-where to fit a pin for the joint.
To that end, I bought some sheet plasticard to cut up in several layers and build into actual working replacement joints.
Problem is a lack of appropriate tools to do that, I may yet in future though.

In the end, I gave up and went with Generic Pose #1, the slightly camp not quite hand-on-hips that the official FW photographs of it use.

My Reaver is very nearly there.
Currently the To-Do list is as follows:

  • Misc Detail pass over the main hull, there are some vents and such that need attention
  • Drill Through feet to add Pegs to hold it to the base.
  • Drill out shoulders so I can attach the arms by Bolts to the shoulders.
  • Scenic basing on the Base.
  • assemble legs, the ankles and hip joints need gluing at this point.
  • Add the toe piston arrangements and ankle plates
  • Assemble Waist section, not gluing the waist to the torso, it can sit stably on top of it anyway.
  • Magnetise elbow area for weapon arm so it can swivel.
  • Acquire and attach corrugated rubber hoses, the resin ones are awkward.
  • Final Assembly and gluing of major components (particularly torso/head)

Estimated timescales…Most of the assembly and painting can be done in a couple days, the scenic basing will take a few days.
I hope to have it very nearly done before christmas.

Mechanicum Land Raider

On with a new adventure!

I was reading through my glorious Horus Heresy books and realised…The Mechanicum get Land Raiders.
It’s in their rules and everything!

So, given my army’s almost complete lack of transportation on the battlefield (especially for the slow moving stuff) I decided to acquire at least one Land Raider.
The Omnissiah knows I’m not inclined towards the Triaros Transports…lovely models, but so expensive for what I actually get.

So I bought a land raider and an upgrade sprue for the Crusader. since the AdMech Raiders get to have a loadout which takes cues from both.

DSCN0999 DSCN1000

The favourite feature I’ve done is to give the tank the Graviton Cannon for its hull turret. This is essentially a large-blast Concussive weapon which forces a Strength test on every model it hits. If they fail, they take a wound.
Also turns the area it hits into difficult and dangerous terrain for the following turn!
Should be extremely efficient against most infantry that isn’t in power armour.

To build it, I’ve taken parts from the Centurion kit, a pair of grav cannons and some cabling, combining with the regular Assault Cannon mountings produce a rather neat effect. Rounded off with a couple extra bits from the Crusader sprue for the focusing nodes on pylons.

I’ve additionally pulled a Tank commander from my Baneblade kit to be the tank’s commander.

After all, This isn’t a Marine vehicle, and I want to represent that fact.

Forgeworld Tau XV-89 Battlesuit

I decided my Tau needed a little love, so I bought myself another XV-89 suit.
I love this model, to my mind this is what the vanilla Crisis battlesuits ought to look like.
It’s my fondest hope that when GW updates the Tau model lines the crisis suits will get a major facelift and look a bit like one of these..maybe with some extra details of course.

DSCN0994 DSCN0993 DSCN0992 DSCN0991 DSCN0990 DSCN0989

Not bad for a couple hours of work I feel 🙂