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Warlord Titan: Part 1

For those not aware, as soon as I saw the release announcement of the Warlord Titan some months ago I made the declaration on the spot, I must have it. Did some figuring, worked out that I could afford it and had the space/tools/willpower to complete it.
Some complication is to be had by the fact that I will be moving house over the next month or so, so rather than have the box sitting under my desk taunting me for the whole move, I decided to invest in just the Head of the titan to start. It should take me a week or so to get it done, from there I should be well settled into the routine of moving house.
I’ll order the rest of the titan when I have a workspace to build it again 🙂

My package arrived in the mail this morning!
I was kind of lucky to live in a house-share because I was fast asleep at the ridiculous hour of the morning they delivered it..
But in any case, I woke up, discovered the package waiting for me, unboxed, cleansed the parts and anointed them with the holy Abaddon Black Spray Paint…
Then I went out to Games Workshop and set to work.
While everyone else celebrated the official release of Age of Sigmar, I painted and painted and painted..
So far, so good!
DSCN1184 DSCN1186

The plan broadly is that the head will be orange and white as shown, and most of the armour plates will be blue.
At least a couple plates will be done in red and dedicated to the Mechanicum with cogs and cognis-mechanicum logos.
Armaments’wise I plan to have a volcano cannon, two apocalypse missile launchers and a Saturnine Lascutter to start, I may invest in other weapons depending on performance in battles.
For now though, just the head. On with the new adventures!

Solar Auxilia: Storm Section

Today was a good day, I spent the morning cleaning resin and spraypainting stuff.
Then I went out to Games Workshop and assembled a bunch of things.
Then I spent a couple hours painting…this guy…

DSCN1172DSCN1173DSCN1178 DSCN1179

Total painting time: about two hours. I’m pretty happy!

The idea was to switch out for a colour palette I don’t normally use, namely flourescent orange and greys, I wound up using my usual metals and washes over most of it anyway but the orange and the moon-rock dusty basing worked out really nicely!
The photos don’t really do it justice I feel.
I also gave him pupils in his eyes..not that you can see them. Originally they were hilariously wide-eyed and staring off towards the left, like he’d just seen some Shenanigans and was determined to kill it with the pistol. I actually broke down laughing at it after realising how silly it looked, then went and narrowed his eyes with more rakarth to reduce the “kill you with my mind” stare a bit.
I think the result looks good when it’s not in a uber-high resolution photo 😛

Warhammer World!

It’s been a pretty eventful week or two!

I and a friend travelled down to Nottingham to see Warhammer World for the first time.

I’m totally blown away by the experience, it was utterly fantastic.
We did everything but play a game while we were there, I’ve literally got the T-shirt (the burgundy Mechanicum logo one)
Brought back a bunch of “souvenirs” too.
Not started working on them yet but in the bags are:
A pack of Thallaxii with a Photon Thruster to round out my existing squads
A pack of Myrmidon Secutors to expand my existing squad
And a pack of a Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section. I love the look of them and decided I really wanted a squad of them!

They’ll have to wait though, because I’m working my way through a pack of Vorax Battle Automata and Kataphron Destroyers.

I have one of each done!
DSCN1160 DSCN1161 DSCN1162 DSCN1163 DSCN1164 DSCN1165 DSCN1166 DSCN1167

Amazingly, I was able to paint the Kataphron in only 25 minutes! This bodes well for getting a whole unit of them together for my Cult Mechanicus forces…

I was also able to get around to painting my Hellbrute conversion shown in my last post.
Thoroughly pleased with the results

DSCN1168 DSCN1169 DSCN1170 DSCN1171

With all the stuff on my plate, you’d think that’d be enough, but after seeing the Warlords that they have at Warhammer World, I’ve also ordered the Head of one to start me off. it should be here Today! (omg, totally forgot it was coming in all the chaos. now I’m gonna have to reorganise my plans for the weekend again :P)
I’m expecting to get the keys to my new flat in the next week or two as well as the Manchester public transport being heavily disrupted for a few months. so my hobby may be likewise disrupted. I do my best work in the store where there’s fewer distractions…

Ah well. it should all work out.
But in any case, after I’m settled into my new place, I intend to order the rest of the Warlord, I’m hoping the specific weapons I want to fit it with will have been released by the time I’m ready for them, I’m planning on the Apocalypse Missiles (confirmed as the next release for it), a volcano cannon, and the Saturnine Claw. (A hellstorm template attack with a powerful melee that re-rolls armour penetration too! picture a blowtorch for a fist, the size of a tank.)

New Cult Mechanicus!

Oof. Games Workshop saw me buy a reaver and said “That guy!. He’s our audience. lets make everything he can afford and drip feed it to him for a couple months until he’s broke, tired and happy.”
First they hit me with Skitarii in seven different delicious flavours that I was powerless to resist…

Now they’re releasing Cult Mechanicus stuff.
A plastic Techpriest!
Tracked weapon servitors!
Electropriests (in two different flavours!)
and in an odd move, the biggest is first.

The Kastelan (with a K, because of Koolness Faktor) Battle Automata.
Distinct from the Forgeworld Castellax mostly by dint of slavishly following the design of the original Rogue Trader Castellan.
Frankly I think it looks adorable. That bullet-head with the Butt-face. The bobbly 50s era robot design is great!
I’m not totally sold on the weapons though.
The carapace weapon is on a mounting straight out of rogue trader. it looks far too under-engineered to mount the gun safely.
So for my Kastelans I will take out that green-stuff pipe-maker and build up the mountings with cable trunking and fuel hoses.
I may also move the ammunition storage for the guns down to the waist or at least backpack. seems weird having them exposed and just…hanging there on the side of the gun. at least have them underneath the center-line to reduce structural stresses!

The other weapons are replacements to the power fists, a pair of heavy Phosphor cannons (counts as one twin linked weapon) which jutt oddly from the ends of the arms.
I have Visions of this thing moving around with arms horizontal, spraying everything with burning jets of white phosphor. I think for mine I’ll paint the areas near the gun with white dry-paint to suggest residue from the guns

Rules-wise (white dwarf of course) they’re pretty hardcore. The base weapons loadout is two power fists and a flamer with the Torrent rule.
I am totally okay with this flamer.
More than okay. I may be rubbing my hands, there may be some glee involved.
Other armaments are a Heavy Phosphor Cannon (pretty much exactly the same rules as a Mauler Bolt cannon with the addition of the -1 cover that the Enhanced Targeting Module upgrade on the Castellax provides.
It’s not as accurate with it, but that’s okay.
because you can swap out both power fists for a twin linked version of the same gun. This means that you can fire 3 shots, re-roll misses. then fire another 3 shots that aren’t re-rolled…
with the stats of a mauler bolt cannon.
You want to woodchip space marines? A six bot unit of these guys with three datasmiths will run you easily 1000 points with upgrades. But I would so delight in doing this…XD
They’re not as durable as the Castellax, but they pump out twice as many shots and reroll half of them with the right upgrades.
That’s worth it.
And if you don’t want to spend 90 points on upgrades for the six bots. their standard armament lets them stroll up to tanks and tear them apart, or pour enough torrent fire onto a unit to reduce any blob of units to..well..blobs of tallow.

I have my first box of them in the mail. I think I’ll like them 🙂

I also have a Warp-Smith on order in the same package. so my Dark Mechanicum constructs will have some company soon!

In actual hobby news..

I have been constructing the Tech Thralls I originally bought during the week Skitarii were announced.
I had no idea Skitarii were coming and shelled out for a Knight Castigator and a box of Tech Thralls…
Neither had any work done on them for a few weeks!

In any case. Here is my completed demi-Maniple of Thralls.


The keen eyed may note that the bases look bigger than usual.
A friend repaid me with some 32mm bases for an unspecified debt (I’m a generous soul!) and I decided to put my tech thralls on them.
Only one thrall is on a 25mm base, the one I managed to get painted before skitarii monopolised my time and resources, I think I may investigate those after-market base extenders and see if I can bring him up to scale with the others.
I like the size of base. it takes the already quite chunky model (photos don’t quite do justice to the models!) and gives it a sense of volume bigger than it is. They feel much nicer to handle on the bigger bases. More room for scenic stuff too, though I didn’t do that in this case.
I think I need to start carrying my basing kit with all the gravel and gribblies in my paintbox with the rest of the hobby gear, just so I don’t leave bases featureless like this in future.

I think I’m going to need to buy another box of these to round out the squad (or allow me to make two smaller units!)
My recent Heresy era game (Iron Warriors and admech vs Eldar, 2000 points a side, 2v1) demonstrated I need the ability to hold objectives securely. Thallaxii are not intended to sit on objectives. they should be bounding forward to strike with their short ranged armaments.
Tech Thralls are going to do that job nicely. their carapace armour and FnP rolls will make them robust enough to be hard to shift once they get into cover.

Reaver Titan – Complete

News from the Front: The Reaver Titan Meliora Bellator has been deployed to smite the enemies of mankind.
Tremble in fear at the Titan’s Mighty Tread™
Gasp in awe at the power of the Melta Cannon™
Feel the power of my huge resin Penis Extension™


Yes, the titan is done.
Four months (take out about a month because of the christmas holidays and that one week where nothing could happen because I was waiting on stuff)

about £700 in costs and a modicum of blood and sweat, no Tears, I did get frustrated at various points but nothing worthy of crying over.

This won’t quite be the end of this project, I’m planning to extend the armaments of the Titan to include some of the other Arm Weapons and possibly some Carapace weapon conversions.
The prospect of giving it an Inferno Cannon pleases me possibly a bit too much.

In any case, here are the photos I took at my local Games Workshop. Unfortunately no pics of the back, but there isn’t much I really care to show off about the rear end of a titan 😛

IMG_20150110_144415 IMG_20150110_144459 IMG_20150110_144520 IMG_20150110_144530 IMG_20150110_150241

Mechanicum Land Raider

On with a new adventure!

I was reading through my glorious Horus Heresy books and realised…The Mechanicum get Land Raiders.
It’s in their rules and everything!

So, given my army’s almost complete lack of transportation on the battlefield (especially for the slow moving stuff) I decided to acquire at least one Land Raider.
The Omnissiah knows I’m not inclined towards the Triaros Transports…lovely models, but so expensive for what I actually get.

So I bought a land raider and an upgrade sprue for the Crusader. since the AdMech Raiders get to have a loadout which takes cues from both.

DSCN0999 DSCN1000

The favourite feature I’ve done is to give the tank the Graviton Cannon for its hull turret. This is essentially a large-blast Concussive weapon which forces a Strength test on every model it hits. If they fail, they take a wound.
Also turns the area it hits into difficult and dangerous terrain for the following turn!
Should be extremely efficient against most infantry that isn’t in power armour.

To build it, I’ve taken parts from the Centurion kit, a pair of grav cannons and some cabling, combining with the regular Assault Cannon mountings produce a rather neat effect. Rounded off with a couple extra bits from the Crusader sprue for the focusing nodes on pylons.

I’ve additionally pulled a Tank commander from my Baneblade kit to be the tank’s commander.

After all, This isn’t a Marine vehicle, and I want to represent that fact.

Reaver Titan – progress 80%

Back in early september (around sept 10th) I took delivery of a Reaver Titan.

I’d always wanted one and after some consideration I decided that I didn’t want to start small with the Warhound. From what I’d seen, the Warhound is actually technically more complex to assemble and structurally weaker in the legs.

Nope, if I’m going to drop more than £100 on a titan it’s going to be the one I actually want. No point working up to it!

So I’ve been working on it on average 6 – 9 hours a week for the past two and a half months.

Here are the photos I took as I went.

Reaver Head Complete 015 Reaver Head Complete 014 Reaver Head Complete 013 Reaver Head Complete 012 Reaver Head Complete 011 Reaver Head Complete 010 Reaver Head Complete 009 Reaver Head Complete 008 Reaver Head Complete 007 Reaver Head Complete 005 Reaver Head Complete 004 Reaver Head Photos

So far, I’m at the stage now where I need to seriously decide what I’m doing for the basing.
My plan was to buy a wooden Trophy Plaque, but it’s so far proven quite hard to find a reasonably priced one big enough.
I’d rather not buy raw lumber and have to bevel the edges myself… Whatever I do needs to be durable enough to withstand the mass of the titan if it starts to keel over. I’m also going to go over it with poly-filler and suchlike to build up terrain, add some GW scenery materials too. I’ve bought a Manufactorum kit to help with that.

When the Basing is planned and viable, I can figure out the foot positions and start posing the legs to fit. I can’t do very much with the Pistons or the toes until the shins are at their permanent positions, so it all hinges on this.
I’m thinking a braced forwards stance, it’s walking and firing its weapon

Horus Heresy Book 3

So my local store just relaxed its policy on not permitting Heresy…
The inquisition may have something to say about this, but in the meantime that means I can play my Adeptus Mechanicus army in store!

The new policy is that Veterans night (fridays) and the pre-booked saturday afternoon games are allowed to take whatever we want from Forgeworld provided our opponent agrees to it.
The concern was that new players would either see the awesome Forgeworld stuff and be put off by how potentially overpoweringly good it was, or be excited, buy the model, get thrown by the requisite extra steps of cleaning the parts and using specific glues and all that extra stuff that make resin a pain to work with…And stop playing. Thereby losing GW a potentially profitable player and putting them off for life.

To remedy that, it’s simply been restricted to Vets nights. Problem Solved!

At any rate, I’ve been making use of a bootleg PDF of the HH books for some time at home, obviously this is unsuitable for use in the store. I’ve been told so in no uncertain terms.
So I’ve acquired this rather weighty tome.


I was a bit leery about dropping £72 on a book when I’ve already read it cover to cover and only want the back 1/4 or so of it…but having it in my hands, it feels worth it now. It’s beautiful. An absolutely fine quality piece of literature, silver-edged pages, those corner triangles are embossed with the imperial Aquila and the full colour pictures are frankly breathtaking.

I will have no qualms or hesitation about buying the HH5 book if it has Mars Mechanicum…
Still waiting on my Skitarii!