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Conversions and Commissions

A week or two ago I got asked by a good friend to paint his Orlock that had been languishing for months.

Pretty nice simple task, Match The Box-art.
I think I did a solid job!

It took me about 14 hours total to paint the ten models to my satisfaction, I was paid with an Inquisitor Greyfax mini still on the frame! Not sure what I’ll do with her, but that kit is always good fun to work with.

I’ve also been spending some time making Ash-Wasters, These are the gribbly wastelanders outside the hive-cities, preying on poorly defended convoys and the unfortunates that have to live outside the walls.

Mine are Rad-Cultists, they worship abandoned and dumped reactor-cores and live short painful lives protecting their shrines from interlopers.


Next up, I’ve got a Van-Saar Leader converted using Prince Yriel!43626632_10156624026242521_8158160529005740032_n

And I’m starting out on my Genestealer Cult at last!



So things are busy! I never seem to stop making new things.

I leave you with a preview of something I got hold of after literally years of searching…