Warhammer World!

It’s been a pretty eventful week or two!

I and a friend travelled down to Nottingham to see Warhammer World for the first time.

I’m totally blown away by the experience, it was utterly fantastic.
We did everything but play a game while we were there, I’ve literally got the T-shirt (the burgundy Mechanicum logo one)
Brought back a bunch of “souvenirs” too.
Not started working on them yet but in the bags are:
A pack of Thallaxii with a Photon Thruster to round out my existing squads
A pack of Myrmidon Secutors to expand my existing squad
And a pack of a Solar Auxilia Veletaris Storm Section. I love the look of them and decided I really wanted a squad of them!

They’ll have to wait though, because I’m working my way through a pack of Vorax Battle Automata and Kataphron Destroyers.

I have one of each done!
DSCN1160 DSCN1161 DSCN1162 DSCN1163 DSCN1164 DSCN1165 DSCN1166 DSCN1167

Amazingly, I was able to paint the Kataphron in only 25 minutes! This bodes well for getting a whole unit of them together for my Cult Mechanicus forces…

I was also able to get around to painting my Hellbrute conversion shown in my last post.
Thoroughly pleased with the results

DSCN1168 DSCN1169 DSCN1170 DSCN1171

With all the stuff on my plate, you’d think that’d be enough, but after seeing the Warlords that they have at Warhammer World, I’ve also ordered the Head of one to start me off. it should be here Today! (omg, totally forgot it was coming in all the chaos. now I’m gonna have to reorganise my plans for the weekend again :P)
I’m expecting to get the keys to my new flat in the next week or two as well as the Manchester public transport being heavily disrupted for a few months. so my hobby may be likewise disrupted. I do my best work in the store where there’s fewer distractions…

Ah well. it should all work out.
But in any case, after I’m settled into my new place, I intend to order the rest of the Warlord, I’m hoping the specific weapons I want to fit it with will have been released by the time I’m ready for them, I’m planning on the Apocalypse Missiles (confirmed as the next release for it), a volcano cannon, and the Saturnine Claw. (A hellstorm template attack with a powerful melee that re-rolls armour penetration too! picture a blowtorch for a fist, the size of a tank.)

5 thoughts on “Warhammer World!

  1. Wudugast

    I really wasn’t sure about the helbrute when I saw it WIP but I really get it now it’s painted. Nice work on the Vorax and the Kataphron too (can’t believe you painted the Kataphron to that standard in 25 minutes – if you’ll excuse me I’m going to weep into my heap of unpainted plastic for a while…)


    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      I possess one of the old Citadel Tank Brushes…
      I’ve yet to find a brush better suited to drybrushing entire models at once XD

      Frankly the process was pretty easy and I’ve been using it across my Skitarii and Mechanicum army. particularly evident on the Onager Dunecrawlers and Kastellan robots I’ve previously posted about.

      First paint the blue bits Cantor Blue, drybrush the entire thing (including the blue) with leadbelcher, drybrush the non-blue areas with a coppery colour like sycorax bronze, Agrax wash the entire thing, bring it out again with more leadbelcher and a lighter brushing of sycorax.
      Rapidly went over the gun-barrel and the backpack plates with a heavier drybrushing of Gehenna’s Gold. Washed those areas with Nuln oil.
      Drybrushed lightly over the blue edges and more heavily on the tubing and pipes with Screaming Bell.

      The terrain basing (and in this case, over the treads) is done by using the Blackfire Earth texture paint heavily, dry it, wash in Bloodletter red Glaze, dry it, then drybrush the surface detail of it with a grey, I use Skavenblight but others work too.
      Sometimes I add bitz and bobz to the base to give it a bit of an apocalyptic wasteland feel. My Culexus Assassin is a good example of this.

      There’s not a lot of detail in the technique, but it’s easy to add any optics, glowy bits and so on afterwards.

      I wasn’t planning on painting the model in 25 minutes, it just sorta happened 😛 after painting the markings and details on the Vorax I still had 45 minutes before closing time so I figured I’d paint the kataphron.

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      1. Wudugast

        Good tutorial, cheers. Hmmm… I also have one of those old tank brushes and an obsession with drybrushing – cheers for helping me put the two ideas together in my tired brain 🙂


    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      if your opponents are prone to hordes of sub-marine infantry (lol) then Vorax are exactly what you need, staggering quantities of low strength firepower and of course Rad-Cleansers to cleanse them with rads…

      Can’t really go wrong with attacking chaos cultists with them 😛



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