Dark Mechanicum

With the release of so many new constructs, my poor mind has been dreadfully strained. so much work, so many new constructs and warriors to craft and prepare for war…

It was inevitable I’d crack really.
It was the Onager Dunecrawler’s legs that finally broke me of the chains of Mars
Dem Legs. They go all the way up.

And so, I worked long through the witching hour and created my first Daemon Engine.

Behold! The First of many warp-fueled monstrosities I shall craft in the name of the dark gods!

DSCN1092 DSCN1088 DSCN1090 DSCN1091

on the tabletop, it counts broadly as an Onager Dunecrawler with neutron laser and the servo-arm upgrade. depending on the opposition, WYSIWYG may apply and it actually gets to use the twin linked heavy bolter too 😛

I was delighted to discover that the gun assembly to the Particle Cannon/ Heat Ray of a necron triarch stalker actually fits -perfectly- to the neutron laser. there’s no chopping there, the tab literally fits in the hole correctly. tight enough it didn’t actually need glue to hold it in place…
So that’s going to be used again for future projects 😛

4 thoughts on “Dark Mechanicum

    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      Thanks! The idea sprung pretty much fully formed into my mind just as I was leaving Games Workshop, I bought the helldrake and Dunecrawlers on the spot, went home, spent a few hours crafting it, then painted it today.
      I’ll post up in a few minutes with painted photos!

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  1. Mitchell

    Hey mate! Awesome conversions, I am hoping to blatantly rip them off to make some 30k mechanicum artillery automata (counts as tanks). I just can’t identify the “eye” piece just above the heavy bolters. Any hints? A full parts list would be epic if you felt up to it. Cheers and keep on converting. Some great stuff in there!


    1. ruadhan2300 Post author

      There’s two parts, there’s the optics package of a Necron Triarch Stalker (also donated part of the gun assembly) and the targeting system of the Manticore Missile tank.

      Thanks for commenting!



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