Imperial Assassins – Culexus and Callidus

I have a special place in my heart for the Assassinorium

Here, some of the coolest fluff in 40k can be found!
So, I picked up the Officio Assassinorium dataslate a couple months back and with a friend, we resolved to acquire all the assassins.

The problem: All the assassin models are about three or four editions of the game out of date. they’re all white-metal and they have that stocky cheese-factor that all warhammer did back then.
The dataslate describes creepy horror and we get grinning skullmasks and a pose that looks like a particularly painful exercise routine.

So I decided that Would Not Do.

With that in mind, I’m converting my way through all six Assassin houses.
Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor, Culexus, Venenum and Vanum.

I have the old Eversor in metal (the OOP one that’s holding a severed head in one hand for extra cheese)
And I converted my Venenum a long time ago using parts of a Culexus assassin. Mystery to me is what I did with his head…that could be useful if it turns up! But The venenum, cool as it turned out, is kinda vanilla still. particularly compared to my more recent conversions, so I’m going to redo it when I get that far.

The Culexus and Callidus, I’ve used parts from the Dark Eldar Scourge kit and some misc bitz from my bitz boxes to produce…Actually really quite cool IMHO models.

See for yourselves!

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