Mechanicum Land Raider

On with a new adventure!

I was reading through my glorious Horus Heresy books and realised…The Mechanicum get Land Raiders.
It’s in their rules and everything!

So, given my army’s almost complete lack of transportation on the battlefield (especially for the slow moving stuff) I decided to acquire at least one Land Raider.
The Omnissiah knows I’m not inclined towards the Triaros Transports…lovely models, but so expensive for what I actually get.

So I bought a land raider and an upgrade sprue for the Crusader. since the AdMech Raiders get to have a loadout which takes cues from both.

DSCN0999 DSCN1000

The favourite feature I’ve done is to give the tank the Graviton Cannon for its hull turret. This is essentially a large-blast Concussive weapon which forces a Strength test on every model it hits. If they fail, they take a wound.
Also turns the area it hits into difficult and dangerous terrain for the following turn!
Should be extremely efficient against most infantry that isn’t in power armour.

To build it, I’ve taken parts from the Centurion kit, a pair of grav cannons and some cabling, combining with the regular Assault Cannon mountings produce a rather neat effect. Rounded off with a couple extra bits from the Crusader sprue for the focusing nodes on pylons.

I’ve additionally pulled a Tank commander from my Baneblade kit to be the tank’s commander.

After all, This isn’t a Marine vehicle, and I want to represent that fact.

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