Horus Heresy Book 3

So my local store just relaxed its policy on not permitting Heresy…
The inquisition may have something to say about this, but in the meantime that means I can play my Adeptus Mechanicus army in store!

The new policy is that Veterans night (fridays) and the pre-booked saturday afternoon games are allowed to take whatever we want from Forgeworld provided our opponent agrees to it.
The concern was that new players would either see the awesome Forgeworld stuff and be put off by how potentially overpoweringly good it was, or be excited, buy the model, get thrown by the requisite extra steps of cleaning the parts and using specific glues and all that extra stuff that make resin a pain to work with…And stop playing. Thereby losing GW a potentially profitable player and putting them off for life.

To remedy that, it’s simply been restricted to Vets nights. Problem Solved!

At any rate, I’ve been making use of a bootleg PDF of the HH books for some time at home, obviously this is unsuitable for use in the store. I’ve been told so in no uncertain terms.
So I’ve acquired this rather weighty tome.


I was a bit leery about dropping £72 on a book when I’ve already read it cover to cover and only want the back 1/4 or so of it…but having it in my hands, it feels worth it now. It’s beautiful. An absolutely fine quality piece of literature, silver-edged pages, those corner triangles are embossed with the imperial Aquila and the full colour pictures are frankly breathtaking.

I will have no qualms or hesitation about buying the HH5 book if it has Mars Mechanicum…
Still waiting on my Skitarii!

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